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    In most third world countries, the ratio between doctors and patients is very low than the required standards
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    For the practitioner to explore and find important ways to improve patient care and effectively manage careers in the constantly changing conditions of the medicine industry
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Live Consultaion with doctor with audio-video, vital statistics and patient data. Compliant to International Telemedicine Standards

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Extensive coverage on telemedicine to understand international standards, Operations, Management and Medico-legal/Law

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Execution of Telemedicine in Uzbekistan


Republic of Uzbekistan is a land locked country in Central Asia. It's population is 32.98 million. In 2018, Uzbek President has formed the National Chamber of Innovative Health on the basis of the Scientific Research Institute of Public Health and Health Organization under the Ministry of Health. The national chamber is responsible to develop a strategy for development of the healthcare system, taking into account the best world practices, modern clinical guidelines and protocols, quality standards for diagnosis and treatment.

Registration with National Chamber of Innovative Healthcare of the Republic of Uzbekistan is required for the foreign doctors to conduct following activities in Uzbekistan:

  • Transmission of surgeries of selected topics for CME activities
  • Conducting on-demand telemedicine consultation for OPD
  • Conducting on-demand Tele-Radiology for second opinion
  • Invitation for performing surgeries on Case to Case basis

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